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Product Destruction & Asset Disposal

There are many reasons why a company may choose to totally destroy their products including safety recalls, data sensitivity, avoidance of fraudulent activities, non-compete clauses and excess or dated stock. Illegal or counterfeit goods also must be destroyed in accordance to various relevant legislations.

Destroy-It Destruction services are able to assist with a total secure destruction service that will meet your exact requirements.

Why use Priority Waste?

  • National Service
  • Relevant licences in place to collect your equipment
  • Asset management or free services subject to minimum criteria
  • Data disposal
  • Fast turn-around from first contact to collection
  • Free assessments
  • Full asset inventories offered
  • Next-day collections subject to location
  • Free access to customer portal
  • Real-time tracked vehicles
  • Security vetted personnel

Our destruction services range from shredding and granulation through to physical dismantling and chemical destruction methods.

Environmental Promise

As a company that is ISO14001 accredited, it is our responsibility to ensure we follow the best possible route of final disposal, and ensure that our customers remain compliant. We ensure all goods where possible have their materials re-used once segregated down to their raw form or we take the next step and generate renewable energy from the final products. We remain compliant with all Environmental legislation throughout the process.

WEEE Destruction Services

  • Fully compliant with WEEE directives

Non-Electrical Product Destruction Services

  • Household equipment that is non-confirming with safety standards, counterfeit, dated stock is shredded and materials are recovered
    wherever possible
  • Secure clothing and uniform shredding and material carried out to enable protection of identity and prevent certain types of clothing making their way on the market

Weapons / Firearms / Items of Evidence

  • Knives & firearms shredded
  • Other weapons totally destroyed
  • Items used as evidence in court cases destroyed in a variety of fashions

Our Security

One of the most important factors when dealing with secure destruction is trusting the company with the equipment to ensure total destruction.

As standard, all of our vehicles are tracked, all relevant employees are security vetted and CCTV is installed inside the vehicles, CCTV is installed on the site so we are able to monitor every movement from point of collection right through to final disposal.

We offer a variety of reporting systems, tailor made to meet the customer requirements. As part of the process the following can be offered as and when required subject to agreement:-

  • Video recording of equipment being destroyed
  • Certificate of destruction provided
  • Inventory of equipment provided

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