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Case Studies

Our well trained personnel take pride in their work and always offer that personal touch. Please see the below case studies to see how Priority Waste have helped and gone the extra mile for our customers.

Bespoke Solutions

A leading media company required a service to collect over 250 pc’s bi-monthly, they needed a full audit trail that detailed the make model and serial number of each item.

Utilising our specialist reporting system and unique client portal, we were able to provide this company a service that allowed them to trace there waste from cradle to grave. Our client portal gave them the tools and information to trace all past collections making there life much easier when it comes to environmental and management audits.

National Service

A leading removal firm required a national collection service from its own depots and client’s sites. However a quick turnaround on the collection and paperwork was something they were unable to achieve.

Utilising our extensive fleet of vehicles and unique logistics system, Priority Waste provided a national collection service with a 7 day lead time from point of booking to completion of inventory.

Product Destruction

One of the UK’s leading audio manufacturers required a collection and destruction service from there authorised service agents. They required traceability and a certificate of destruction for each item.

Using our dedicated inventory management team, Priority Waste were able to provide a detailed report of each item and evidence was provided to confirm destruction.

Legal Compliance

A leading alarm manufacturer had faced serious legal consequences when their waste was found dumped down a country lane. Their previous supplier was siphoning metals to weigh in at a scrap yard and dumping the rest. They needed a recycler they could trust and that would provide secure storage and full traceability.

On initial contact from the client we suggested they utilise our 1100ltr lockable bin service. Once they had these lockable bins onsite they were happy that no waste could be stolen. Our fully tracked vehicles and inventory process gave them additional security that their waste stopped with us.

National Service

One of the world’s largest logistics companies required a collection service from all of its depots in the UK. A collection that was easy to manage and where it was easy to trace waste transfer notes and hazardous waste notes. There previous service had long lead times and in some cases it took up to 6 months to receive paperwork

By utilising Priority Waste’s national collection service this company was able to have collections carried out anywhere in the UK within 10 working days of the collection being booked. On top of this, our bespoke client portal gave them the ability to check waste transfer notes at the push of a button.

Data Destruction

Priority Waste were approached by a data centre that had sites based in 4 locations throughout the UK – they had collated a mass amount of hard drives from each site that contained sensitive information and required destroying securely.

Using our fully tracked vehicles Priority Waste attended each site to collect. Upon arrival our CRB checked driver loaded the hard drives into secure lockable containers and marked each container with the client’s name. Once locked, a secure seal was added to the container and recorded on to the job sheet as locked. Upon arrival to Priority Waste’s secure processing site the security tag was photographed whilst still in-tact. Once the seal was broken Priority Waste provided a full inventory detailing the make, model and serial number of each hard drive before shredding and providing a certificate of destruction for our client.

Product Destruction

An independent auctioneer approached us requiring the complete destruction of over 1000 high end digital cameras (some of which were prototypes) that were missing there CE marking and therefore unfit for resale.

Using our industrial shredder, we were able to provide a secure destruction service for each camera collected. We provided a full inventory and recorded the whole shredding process on video, allowing our client to have peace of mind that each item was destroyed.

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