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Glass Recycling

Glass recycling has many benefits for the Environment. For example, did you know that most of the glass containers you see on supermarket shelves has likely been around for more than 20 years through continuous cycles of reclamation?

The bottle that you buy today could have been a jar 2 years ago or a glass ornament 15 years ago.

Glass is one of the easiest waste streams to recycle so it makes sense to add this to your Environmental Recycling portfolio.

What is glass waste?
Bottles, jars, drinking glasses, windows, panels, lenses, and more.

Why use Priority Waste?

  • Can plan your waste area for you
  • Assistance in educating your employees and providing training information on correct waste disposal
  • Fast response from your initial contact, followed by collection and provision of legal documentation
  • Guaranteed collection dates
  • Legal documentation provided and stored on your customer portal for ease of access
  • All waste streams can be managed sustainably and legally
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Waste Hierarchy always followed
  • Detailed monthly reporting structure for total waste management
  • Monthly invoices
  • Ad-hoc collections carried out within 8 working days
  • Emergency back-up for failed regular collections
  • National Coverage


  • 120 litre / 240 litre bins – These is the most common container
  • Bottle Banks – If you are large user
  • Cut-top IBC’s – For specialist glass types

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Is glass fully recyclable?

Yes, absolutely as long as it is not permanently contaminated with non-recyclable or dangerous hazardous chemicals.

How many times can glass be recycled?

Currently glass has an infinite recycling scope, meaning it can be recycled again and again as long as it is sent for recycling when it becomes waste.

Can I mix my glass bottles and jars with glass from the building windows?

Whilst both glass types are recyclable, the treatment of each I different and cross contamination will prevent certain glass types completing the 360-degree cycle. Always try to separate these.

Can you collect from multiple sites around the UK?

We can offer ad-hoc on-off collections and arrange ongoing regular waste services throughout the UK.

Do you provide paperwork that meets with current UK legislation?

Yes, we provide Waste Transfer notes and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes subject to collection type. This information is permanently available for you to view and download on our customer portal.

How easy to access and use is your customer portal?

Extremely simple to use, we have recently carried out a survey (December 2022) on the ease of use and accessibility of our portal amongst over 2000 customers and we didn’t receive a single negative comment. The feedback received was a mix of 4 and 5 stars.

How do I arrange regular and ad-hoc collections?

Regular collections are arranged at the outset of your agreement and are logged on to our customer portal with a start and end date. You will then be able to view the agreed collection dates during the entire service. Ad-hoc collections can be arranged via our customer portal, email or the trusted way of phoning in to our customer services team who will then arrange the service quickly and efficiently.

We had great difficulty contacting our current/previous provider whenever there was an issue and had very long waiting times. We felt that we were not valued customers. How is your customer services rated?

Our fully trained customer services team are trained to handle any issues. We do not have extremely long waiting times and usually answer the phone within a few moments. We take great old-fashioned care in looking after our customers, and therefore we retain them. Try us and see.

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