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Priority Waste

Construction Waste

Construction waste is estimated to produce around 1/3 of the Worlds waste streams.

A lot of this ends up in landfill sites unnecessarily. Priority Waste aims to divert as much as possible from landfill and recycle or re=use wherever possible. Some of this waste may be suitable for renewable energy other than certain hazardous aspects of the waste such as asbestos contaminated waste.

It is the duty of the construction industry to ensure any waste materials are disposed of properly and this is where we can assist. In fact, it is a legal requirement to reduce, reuse and recycle these waste streams.

We can arrange disposal of all of your waste types and even set up temporary waste area’s for new builds, readying you for disposals of hazardous waste streams as well as general construction materials.

What is construction waste?

Inert WasteConcrete, bricks, stone, asphalt, soil – All of these generally do not compose so should not go to landfill

Non-Hazardous WasteWaste not that doesn’t cause harm to human health or the environment. This ,ay include plastics, glass and metal – The majority of which can be recycled.

Hazardous WasteAsbestos, Lead, Paints / varnishes / finishes, Adhesives, sealants, packaging waste, Ceramics, tiles, Bitumen, Coal, tar, Cable, contaminated soil and stones, Insulation, some fibreglass, Gypsum, Cement – We aim to dispose of in the most environmentally friendly way possible.


We can arrange an array of various containers, each to suit your needs, and subject to your project size.  These include:

  • Skips – 2 – 20 yard
  • Enclosed Asbestos skips – 8 – 14 yard
  • Rear End Loaders – Varying sizes
  • Front End Loaders – Varying sizes
  • Balers – Available for larger projects
  • Wheelie Bins – 240 litre – 1100 litre
  • Drums – 60 litre to 205 litre
  • Polypropylene Tonne bags

Why use Priority Waste?

  • Fast response from your initial contact, followed by collection and provision of legal documentation
  • Guaranteed collection dates
  • Legal documentation provided and stored on your customer portal for ease of access
  • All waste streams can be managed sustainably and legally
  • Cost effective solutions
  • Waste Hierarchy always followed
  • One of the very few waste brokers that has our own vehicles
  • In-house chemist for sampling and analysing unknown chemicals
  • In-house DGSR to advise on hazardous collections
  • Detailed monthly reporting structure
  • Monthly invoices
  • Ad-hoc collections carried out within 8 working days
  • Emergency back-up for failed regular collections
  • National Coverage

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I have a mix of hazardous and special waste streams that are not the “Normal” type of waste. Can you handle this?

Don’t worry, we have over 80 years of combined experience in the industry so there is not a waste stream out there that we cannot assist with disposals on.

How fast is your collection turn-around?

Our standard ad-hoc collections can range between 24 hours and 8 working days, subject to the waste type and requirements.

I have hazardous waste and I don’t know what it is. How can you help?

We have an in-house chemist who can attend site, sample and analyse the waste to enable us to then offer disposals.

Can you collect from multiple sites around the UK?

We can offer ad-hoc on-off collections and arrange ongoing regular waste services throughout the UK.

Do you provide paperwork that meets with current UK legislation?

Yes, we provide Waste Transfer notes and Hazardous Waste Consignment Notes subject to collection type. This information is permanently available for you to view and download on our customer portal.

How easy to access and use is your customer portal?

Extremely simple to use, we have recently carried out a survey (December 2022) on the ease of use and accessibility of our portal amongst over 2000 customers and we didn’t receive a single negative comment. The feedback received was a mix of 4 and 5 stars.

How do I arrange regular and ad-hoc collections?

Regular collections are arranged at the outset of your agreement and are logged on to our customer portal with a start and end date. You will then be able to view the agreed collection dates during the entire service. Ad-hoc collections can be arranged via our customer portal, email or the trusted way of phoning in to our customer services team who will then arrange the service quickly and efficiently.

We had great difficulty contacting our current/previous provider whenever there was an issue and had very long waiting times. We felt that we were not valued customers. How is your customer services rated?

Our fully trained customer services team are trained to handle any issues. We do not have extremely long waiting times and usually answer the phone within a few moments. We take great old-fashioned care in looking after our customers, and therefore we retain them. Try us and see.

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